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Welcome to Taha Properties

Taha Properties is a commercial real estate investment firm with over thirty years of experience. We acquire and manage properties for our account with a professional staff that contributes to all aspects of an investment. We have specialized in the acquisition of a unique portfolio of properties in prime locations. As opportunity investors, our holdings have ranged from office buildings to shopping centers, and hotels. We never compromise our main objective: return. Our portfolio is diverse in terms of size and property type, always consisting of prime locations. We are committed to acquiring prime commercial real estate and managing these assets with the highest standards.

Our Philosophy

At Taha, we are not limited to specific property types or marketplaces. We recognize that excellent returns can be found in numerous environments. We search diligently for opportunistic transactions that maximize returns and minimize risk. This philosophy has allowed us to enjoy returns in excess of 20% over the transactions where value remains to be created and the fundamentals are present for success. Taha evaluates unique purchasing opportunities that others may not be able to pursue. This could be the result of absentee ownership or out of favor credit. Taha will actively manage the investments looking to improve the return. With a dependence on financing, we price investments on prevailing data and trends. We do not make aggressive assumptions about projected performance. This allows us to preserve capital and, ultimately, minimize exposure to market risk.

Our Approach

Successful commercial real estate investing depends upon thorough analysis. Accordingly, we seek to build our business on fundamental due diligence and a commitment to analyze the characteristics of all investments down to the finest detail including competitive market conditions, financial performance, construction quality, management needs, environmental compliance, tax efficiency and legal framework. Our commitment is not left behind at the closing table. Taha believes superior performance is derived from comprehensive asset management. Each investment has a detailed business plan. We actively implement the strategy and seek value wherever it may lie. We seize every opportunity to extract additional value. In addition to proactive asset management, we expect the value of our investments will be enhanced through the application of innovative financing strategies. Taha has established many lending relationships through the years and always explores the most efficient financing for our investments. We have been able to engineer value while others look on.